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In the context of the topic "discoveries and inventions", students from year 10 created explanatory movies dealing with environmental problems or the internet.
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CopyrightCopyright by Marten and Anton (feat. Darya's hands)
AgricultureThe impact of agriculture on the environment by Franzisca und Johanna
plastic wastePlastic waste by Helen, Marie and Carolin (feat. Anna's hands)
Fast foodFast food by by Julia, Kathi and Anna
social mediaSocial media by Teresa and Meike
Ocean PollutionOcean pollution by Lily and Anna
Plastic wastePlastic waste by Alice and Tara
PasswordHow to create a safe password by Vincent, Arion and Hendrik
Air pollutionAir pollution by Luca and Isabelle
Fast food addictionFast Food addiction by Victoria, Maria and Darya
Where are the bees gone?Where are the bees gone? by Stella, Maya and Catrin
Decent foodDecent food by Lars and Marc


Mo, 22.02.2021
- Fr, 25.02.2022
(Schloss Weikersheim)
Mo, 25.10.2021
- Fr, 29.10.2021
Berlinfahrt 10aR
Mi, 27.10.2021
19:30 Uhr (Online)
Medienpädagogischer Online-Vortrag für Eltern der 5. und 6. Klassen
Sa, 30.10.2021
- So, 07.11.2021
Mo, 08.11.2021
BIZ-Besuch der Klassen 9aR und 9bR

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